Open panel show hidden/Unix files?

I want to have an open panel that shows and allows users to pick otherwise “hidden” files, such as unix executables. I tried doing:

set title of open panel to "Select the FFmpeg binary"
set can choose directories of open panel to false
set can choose files of open panel to true
set allows multiple selection of open panel to false

set show hidden of open panel to true --(I'm guessing what the option might be, and this line compiles OK)

set panel_open to (display open panel in directory "/")

if panel_open is 1 then
	set ffmpeg_path to path name of open panel
end if

but I just get the error “Can’t set <> of <> to true (-10006)”.

Anyone have a suggestion?


show hidden is no (valid) parameter of open panel.
You can use the usual choose file AppleScript command from Standard Additions.
It shows also the invisible files.
But unlike in plain AppleScript choose file returns a POSIX path

Oh OK, that will work just fine!

Course now I can’t recall how to specify the starting folder with “choose file”! :frowning:

RTFD(ictionary) ! :wink:

Heh, actually I wasn’t asking, just lamenting my terrible memory! :smiley:

(Incidentally for anyone who doesn’t want to look it up, the option is “choose file default location” and then an alias to the folder or disk)



I always like to encourage people to read the dictionaries