"open URL" in TextMate

hi, I am looking for a way to open an URL copied in a TextMate document (Plain Text or Tasks Bundle).
for example, a local email URL kept in a minute/todo.
Cocoa apps allow this feature, so I’m wondering about TextMate?!
I thought of an applescript I could run using Quicksilver or menu (via FinderPop)…
a bit heavy, but better than nothing until implemented in TxMt
thanks for any suggestion or script.

following my original post…
the patch to the Tasks Bundle for TextMate made by Henrik is simply to add “message” to the Language repository:
now, if I can get this applescript below to add “file://localhost” to the path it gets, I would be able to have:
… and have a similar local URL link to any type of document.
anyone would kindly implement this for me/us?
here is the script:

set itemPath to “”
set uPath to “”
tell application “Finder”
set itemPath to selection as string
set uPath to POSIX path of itemPath
set the clipboard to uPath
end tell

Do you mean this?

set uPath to "file://localhost" & uPath

hi Craig,
yes I mean “file://localhost” at the front of the copied path, giving:


but I am not sure how to implement the line you’re giving me in the script I refer to…?
I tried and I must be missing something (too fresh on Applescript as you understood)
would you mind to be more specific or present the full script?

got it Craig!