Open Url, save htm file to desktop

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I’ve serached and searched…and couldn’t find :(. I’m looking for a simple AppleScript that will open Safari, open a url and save then de whole site (example: to my desktop.

I can open safari with the url :slight_smile: but it won’t save the page to my desktop. Can anybody help me please?

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Well this isn’t exactly what you asked for, as it doesn’t use Safari (or any web browser for that matter), but it works (and is faster than using a browser anyhow). It’s code in the rough, but should give you an idea on how to go about it:

set theURL to ""
set theFileName to "index.html"
do shell script "curl " & theURL & " -o ${HOME}/Desktop/" & quoted form of theFileName

This will grab a single page and save it to a file on your Desktop. It wasn’t entirely clear to me if that’s what you wanted, or if you want to spider a site. If you want to spider, it can still be done, but perhaps with wget (which is not part of MacOS X anymore) instead of curl. Do a Google using keywords like “spider, curl, wget.” Also, iCab can spider a site for you, and may be all you need. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply, but i found something and it works great for me.

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tell application “URL Access Scripting”
set the temporaryFile to “/Users/michieltersteege/desktop/router/router.htm”
download “” to temporaryFile without progress
end tell

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Works great for downloading streaming and saving them.
Found it works great for that.

Krazay :lol: