Open User Library folder

Here’s a script that opens the User Library folder.

–this script opens the startup disk window and opens the Library folder of the home folder in the Users folder

tell application “Finder”
open disk “name of your hard drive”
set target of Finder window 1 to folder “Library” of folder “your user name” of folder “Users” of startup disk
end tell

Could just use “~/Library”

Will automatically resolve the startup disk and user name for you

To open ~/Library this is shorter and independent of the name of the current user

set userLibraryPath to path to library folder from user domain
tell application "Finder" to open userLibraryPath
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Or you could use System Events… and you will get user domain automatic…

tell application "System Events" to set userLibraryPath to path of library folder
tell application "Finder" to open userLibraryPath