Opening a script located within a resource folder

Hi all,
I was just wondering how you would go about opening an applescript or any other executable file located located inside the package contents/resources/ of your own application.

Right now I have something like …

tell application "Finder"
			activate application (((path to me) as string) & "")
		end tell

When I do this … I get an error that reads … "Finder got an error: Can’t get application “Macintosh”. (-1728)


Why the Finder at all?

activate application ((path to me as text) & "")

or silently

ignoring application responses
	tell application ((path to me as text) & "")
	end tell
end ignoring

Note: path to has a parameter as so the parentheses are useless

ah yes. There is no need to tell finder. Thanks StefanK.