Opening a Window

I am playing around with Shane Stanley’s excellent tutorial on AppleScriptObjC. (Just learning some simple things, like windows, menus, etc.) I have a project that simply opens a window. I do this by only binding a menu item to the window itself in the Interface Builder (Using XCode 4.2). No real coding is needed for this. It creates a binding under “Sent Actions” using “orderFront” to the window.

The window opens fine doing this. However, it is not active after it opens. I have to then click on the window to make it the front most window. Since I am not using any coding for this, I can’t tell the window to come to the front. Is there a setting in the attributes that I am missing that tell the window to become active when it opens?

Thanks in advance.

Connect your menu item to makeKeyAndOrderFront: instead of orderFront:


I tried that and it worked. Thanks!