Opening nib files which obey a certain condition

Hi all,

Some time ago I got some great help from this forum, and I hope this will happen again, because I’ve got something else which I want to achieve and I don’t really know how.

The thing I wanted to do earlier was to open all “English.lproj” folders recursively, starting from a certain folder. Some of these folders are buried inside package folders. The final script looked something like this.

global myFileList

on run
	set myFileList to {}
	set theFolder to choose folder with prompt "Please select a folder..."
	tell application "Finder"
	end tell
	parseFolder(theFolder) of me
end run

on open this_item
end open

on parseFolder(aFolder)
	do shell script "find " & quoted form of POSIX path of aFolder & " | grep  English.lproj$"
	set myFileList to the result
	set myFileList to myFileList's paragraphs
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "';open '"
	set myFileList to "open '" & myFileList & "'"
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {""}
	do shell script myFileList
end parseFolder

I would now like to have a script that does something similar but the problem is a little more complicated. Some English.lproj folder contain nib files, which are really package folders, and which contain 3 files usually (objects.nib, classes.nib, info.nib). What the script should do is open all nib files inside English.lproj folders which obey a certain condtion. The condition would be that the info.nib file inside the nib file contains a certain string.

May be this is too much to ask, but I’m trying anyway, because such a script would be really useful to me. Maybe someone can put me on the right track? Many thanks!!

OK, so it was too much to ask (I guessed it would be).
I’ll just carry on doing the stuff I need to do manually.
Thanks anyway for having given this some thought.