opening numbers document


Sorry, my English is not very good…

I’m working on a project using numbers and applescript.

In a first document, I’ve got a list of invoices. In a folder I’ve got all invoices as numbers documents.

I would like to open one of these invoices. All these files have a composed named like : order number - name of client - name of job - date of job.

I don’t manage to create a string using the first cell of the table witch contains the composed name. So, I’ve used all the informations of the table to re-create the string… :frowning:

But finally, when I try to use this string to open the document, I can only obtain the last information of the string, so the name of document is wrong.

e.g. 206 - Symphonie - Concert - 25/10/2019 & “.numbers” returns only “2019.numbers”

Here is the code :

tell application "Numbers"
	-- créer une liste des dossiers
	tell the first table of the sheet "donnees" of the document "liste_dossiers"
		set ref_a_chercher to {}
		repeat with n_ref_a_chercher from 2 to row count
			set end of ref_a_chercher to the value of cell 1 of row n_ref_a_chercher
		end repeat
		-- boîte de dialogue de choix du dossier
		set reference_dossier to choose from list ref_a_chercher with prompt "Choisir le client"
		-- creation de la reference
		repeat with n_infos from 2 to row count
			if the value of cell 1 of row n_infos contains reference_dossier then
				set D_num to the value of cell 2 of row n_infos
				set D_client to the value of cell 3 of row n_infos
				set D_event to the value of cell 4 of row n_infos
				set D_date to the value of cell 5 of row n_infos
			end if
		end repeat
		set dossier_ouvrir to D_num & " - " & D_client & " - " & D_event & " - " & D_date & ".numbers"
		open ("/Users/jimmy/Documents/compta/dossiers/" & dossier_ouvrir) as POSIX file
	end tell
end tell

Could you please help me?

How should I use the information contained in the first cell as text format to open the document?
=> order number - client - event - date

Thanks a lot !