Opening Word 98 files (Classic) from OS X

Hi, It is finally time to crank out the writing project. After reviewing several ideas I decided that it makes sense to open 3 Word documents at the same time. One for the writing, one for notes and one for character development.

Naturally I want the windows to open in the same location but until I get the script to run, that will be a secondary question. I can’t get the following script to run. It has been saved as an application. I am told the resource forks are not set up the same with current AppleScripts as before and because of this you have to use your scripts under Panther as applications.

I will also mention that I don’t know very much about AppleScript or changing recourse forks. But I think I know enough about using AS that the following should work. When I start this in Panther, it launched Word but opens no documents. Also it starts Classic but Classic seems to hang. I have tried starting Classic before the script and classic still seems to hang when the script is triggered.

I was thinking this should be quick and easy to do. Just open three files. But I can’t do it. I would appreciate anyones help with this.

Thanks much

Word is Word 98 (Classic application)
10.3 is my OS
script editor is version 2.0
AppleScript 1.9.3


tell application “Microsoft Word”

open "JupiterX:Users:davegroover:Writing Project:BOOK ONE"
open "JupiterX:Users:davegroover:Writing Project:BOOK ONE's Notes"
open "JupiterX:Users:davegroover:Writing Project:BOOK ONE's Characters"

end tell

This is a common error. You are not coercing a path string to an actual path and the application doesn’t know how to deal with it. So, you can try this:

set source_folder to "JupiterX:Users:davegroover:Writing Project:"
set the_files to {"BOOK ONE", "BOOK ONE's Notes", "BOOK ONE's Characters"}
tell application "Microsoft Word"
	repeat with this_file in the_files
		open ((source_folder & (this_file as string)) as alias)
	end repeat
end tell


THank you