Order of the handlers in a script

Does the order of the handlers in a script effect the performance?
For example, if there are two handlers in a script (Handler_A, and Handler_B) and Handler_B would be called more than Handler_A, does it make any difference in performance, to put the Handler_B, before the Handler_A?
If I ask in other way, while the script seeks a handler, does it read the names of the other handlers; until it finds the called one, or does it make a direct jump?

I think the answer is the same as that to the Newbie question: “Does a longer variable name take longer in use than a shorter one?” I don’t want to just say “No” or a pundit will shoot me down. A more precise answer might be: “Not by enough to be detectable on any measuring equipment likely to be avilable to us”.
The shorter answer is: