Organizing 20,000 photos, need script

i need some help from anybody that know anything about AppleScripting.
I have about 20,000 photos i need to go through in about a week and organize them. I was wondering if any body could help me write a script to do the following:

I want to be able to preview all my imported pics and press a button so that the current picture that i am viewing is added to a NEW album in iPhoto.

If anybody could help me out with this script, please post.[/b]

This could be done but it won’t be very simple or elegant because iPhoto isn’t all that scriptable (especially importing images, you need to use GUI scripting for this – see this thread). That said, you could view your images in column view with the preview column enabled. Use the keyboard to go through your image files in the Finder and see if the image is one you want using the preview. If it is, you need to have a script that you can call using a keyboard launcher such as xkeys or Butler that will grab the current selection from the Finder and use GUI scripting to tell iPhoto to import that photo into an album (if you need a new album, then you’ll also have to use GUI scripting to create the new album). You could also create an image viewer in AppleScript Studio but will still need GUI scripting to import the images into iPhoto.


what if i used GUI scripting to access iphoto’s menu. Then i could have the regular slideshow play and when i clicked with the mouse it would tell iphoto to send that photo to the new album “xxxxxx”. I would want to be able to have just a pop-up that asks for the name of the new album.