OS Compatibility

Ok, now that I’ve written this app in ASS, how do I set my minimum system version requirements? I’ve used the “Compatibility Checking…” in IB, but is seams it checks the interface, not the script and other classes included. It’ be nice to have a utility at with to throw the app that would in return spit the oldest system backwards compatibility.

Any thoughts anyone?


(I mentioned this recently, but it was off topic.)

If you just want your application (from Studio, or a bundle from Script Editor) to check for a minimum version of OS X, then you can let LaunchServices do the work. Add a LSMinimumSystemVersion key to your Info.plist file.


<key>LSMinimumSystemVersion</key> <string>10.4.0</string>


thanks for your Tip! The problem is that I don’t know the minimum system requirement of my app, that’s the piece of info I’m missing? How do I go about to know the minimum system it will launch on?


sorry to dig up a 2 year old topic, but i am wondering the same thing. Do i have to find friends that have different versions of OS X installed than i do, and have them test my app, or is there another way?