OS X doesn't recognize Automator service after installation

I’ve found a clumsy solution to this problem, but I would be grateful if someone could tell me a better on.

I’ve written an installer using PackageMaker that installs some software, including an Automator workflow in /Library/Services. (I have to use PackageMaker because it lets me install one version of a certain program under 10.4 and 10.5, and another version under 10.6 - something that I can’t figure out how to do in the freeware Iceberg and Packages programs)

After the workflow is installed, it doesn’t appear in the Services menu in Finder - until I move it out of /Library/Services and then move it back again.

So I have added two lines to my postflight script that move the file from /Library/Services to / and then back to /Library/Services. With this change, the installation works correctly. (I test the installation on a “clean” 10.6.5 system which I erase after each test, and then restore using Carbon Copy Cloner.)

I would be grateful to learn about a more elegant way to accomplish this task, if a better way exists. Thanks for any help