OS X Newbie wants to automate!

Hi everyone,

I just got an iBook recently and I am very impressed. But its so annoying that I can’t open a file or launch an application by highlighting the name and then pressing enter. Instead it is necessary to highlight the filename and then double click on the “mouse pad”.

Doesn’t anyone else find this bloody annoying? Windows is better in this regard.

My question is can I use applescript (or some other way) to enable me to be able to open a file by just highlighting it and then pressing ENTER!!

Thanks for your help guys and I hope someone out there has an answer for me.



Try this keyboard command on a highlighted/selected item:

– Rob


Hey there, thanks a bunch for getting back about that v quickly. Like I said I’m totally new to the MAC. Fantastic to know about the Apple Key + O shortcut.

If anyone else knows how you could rig up the MAC to act more like Windows and open a file by just pressing ENTER. Let me know!

Cheers again Rob!


you can use the apple key in conjunction with the “down arrow” key,

Not sure if there’s a way to do it with enter.

Hi there,
you can set any keycommand in the “Keyboard and Mouse Preference Pane” in System Preference. I think that should help you a bit.


Ahem, - thats not what Applescript is supposed to be - I think!

If Mac worked like Windows - no - I don’t even wanna think about it!