OS X Photocopier action - a challenge

Hi there,

I have an EPSON Perfection 1640SU TWAIN scanner, and an inkjet printer. I’ve tempted my wife away from a PC but there’s one thing she’s struggling with…and I’m in danger of losing her to the darkside again.

Our PC had a simple app which allowed her to hit a copy button, on a really play-doh interface that looked like a copier console. All she then had to do was say how many copies were required and color or mono.

Can anyone suggest a similar workaround in OS X.

Put a4 doc on scanner
Tell machine to copy
How many copies?
Knows which printer to output to

I have photoshop for all the advanced stuff - my wife just wants a REALLY simple xerox machine.

Anyone have anything I could use? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything for OS X



Model: Powerbook 15"
Browser: Safari
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


It’s not a script, but the following MacWorld tip might be just what you need:


I was also looking for a simple ‘photocopier’ app for my technophobe wife when I found your post via Google. Some determined googling later I found the above tip that does pretty much what I wanted. I hope it helps you too.


Thanks Gazzah - I did come across the same post last week. Couple of quick questions:

1: Does it remember the resolution each time?
2: Does it remember the area of the page to be scanned. i.e. will it always default to A4?
3: Can you tell it how many copies to print?



Ah! You got me on all three! The resolution goes back to the default of 72dpi each time Image Capture is launched. The scan area defaults to the whole scanner window (though it’s easy to drag a selection box for the required area). And the number of copies is always just 1.

So, the challenge still stands. But perhaps this is a good starting point for a script?