osax 'BetterInfoFor' for OSX

Hi .
is there an ersatz for osax ‘BetterInfoFor’ (OS9) working in OSX ?

Thanks in advance

Not that I know of – what is it you want to discover?

Alan, thanks for your interest.

I own thousands of picture files earned under OS9. Now I intend to register them by Filemaker Pro 9 under OSX. I need their file properties.

Some of them I get from “info for”, e.g. File Name, File Dates, etc., but do not know, how to get these, up to now (OS9) delivered by “BetterInfoFor” :
FileSize_Data [bi_FlLgLen]
FileSize_Res [bi_FlRLgLen]
FileSize_Total [bi_FileSize]
FileIcon [bi_HasCustomIcon]
FileComment [bi_DesktopComment]