OSAX in scripts

I have lots of really long AppleScripts and i don’t want to read thru all of them row by row.

Is there any way to find out if any of these scripts uses any OSAX?


This is just a quick way:

If you have a keyword genuine for an Osax (or several), then you can permform a Spotlight search with the following contents:
kind:osa osax_keyword1 osax_keyword2 and so on. you can then choose to “Show All” from the Spotlight menu.

Another approach would be to write a script to do it for you, using mdfind. I think you should also be able to extract the dictionary of the osax’s, to search for all keywords, in all osax’s you use, that are genuine to them, but I think it to be a very laborious process.

Get the demo of ScriptDebugger (http://latenightsw.com/sd4/download.html). You have 20 days to check your scripts in File / Manifest.

Ahh. I forgot about the demo version, and I think it should be fairly easy to script Script Debugger to process your scripts, and dump out the xml of the manifests, which you then could do a grep or similiar on, to show which are dependent on what.