OSX 9.5 and Adobe CS3


I have someone trying out my scale and watermark script from within text wrangler and the one tiny piece of AppleScript is tripping up on their system.

I’m calling the AppleScript to display a choose folder dialog from ruby like so:

def self.select_a_folder(message: "Select a folder with images:")
  applescript = "tell application \"System Events\"\n" \
  "set p1 to process 1 whose frontmost is true\n" \
  "activate\n" \
  "set f to POSIX path of (choose folder with prompt \"#{message}\")\n" \
  "set frontmost of p1 to true\n" \
  "return f\n" \
  "end tell\n"
  result, exitVal = Open3.capture2('osascript', '-e', applescript)
  unless exitVal.exitstatus.eql? 0
    result = "Cancel"

On one persons machine this isn’t working. They have Adobe CS3 installed on a system running X.9.5 and when the above code is run they get the following error message:

AppleScript isn’t broken generally on their system.

Adobe CS3 was the first Universal Binary released in 2007. I’m wondering if the Adobe at that time left scripting additions as PPC only and that is what the complaint is about. But more importantly for me, is why is this breaking just for my use of AppleScript and not breaking AppleScript generally for him.


That’s just an advisory message; it won’t affect what’s being run. And it will be logged for every other script they run. A newer version of Adobe Unit Types.osax can be downloaded from Adobe’s site.


Now I need to work out why it is breaking my script.


Well the osax isn’t doing it – the message is telling you it wasn’t loaded. The user might as well throw it out, for all the good it’s doing. (It provides certain unit coercions for Photoshop scripting, when the correct version is installed.)