OSX Acrobat metadata export

OK: I’ve posted this twice now: the other time it got tagged onto the bottom of another message.

Does anyone know how to get the metadata out of the document summary in Acrobat 5.0?

What I’m doing is trying to export the metadata from a bunch of PDFs to a filemaker database: associating the PDFs with their searchable metadata.

This is apparently possible as I read another post about this, but they didn’t say how they were doing the grab of the metadata fields.

Any help greatly appreciated.


This is something you are probably going to have to do with JavaScript. Acrobat’s applescript dictionary isn’t as complete as it’s JavaScript. Adobe has a JavaScript development document that has a brief script to get the data that you want and to put it in a new pdf. You should be able to incorporate this JavaScript with the doScript applescript command to get what you need.

This is a quick compilation of the script I found in the JavaScript SDK and I put it together in an applescript. It errors but it does gives the information in the new PDF window.

tell application "Acrobat 6.0.1 Professional"
	do script "var r = new Report(); r.writeText(this.metadata); r.open("myMetadataReportFile"); r.save(); // save or mail the metadata report r.mail();'"
end tell

HTH -john

I was just looking at a version of the javascript doc. you refer to, but can’t see anything: can you give me an example (sorry, I’m a bit numb in the head when it comes to such things).