Outlook Address book Export

Is their a way to export the Addressbook from Outlook Express 5 for a backup of it?

If so any clues on how to do it?

I’m still new to applescript.


K :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I’m not sure about this, but it should be a menu item called “Export Contacts” under the “File” menu?

I don’t think that was very helpful JJ, and there’s really no reason to be sarcastic.

I think K was asking for an applescript related solution, rather than how to manually export contacts. Paul Berkowitz has done a nice job of publishing OE and Entourage solutions. Here is a link to his .mac homepage [url=http://homepage.mac.com/berkowit28/]http://homepage.mac.com/berkowit28/[/url] where you will find some OE scripts you can tinker with.

Good luck!

Ooops!.. I didn’t realize I was sarcastic… I only couldn’t remember if this option was available at Outlook 5, an app which I don’t see since some years ago (after I switched to Entourage)
About if I was helpful or not, it may depend on if kwchute needs a backup and he doesn’t know this menu option, or if he does it for fun, which was not stated in his post…

You both were helpfull…

I should have stated why i’m trying to do this: I have 15 macs that i want to back up the OE 5 addressbook for. I would take me about 20 - 30 min’s to walk around and back them up… Who wants to do that. So i’m trying to write an applescript to back it up to a server drive for me. It sounds easy. but is not. I just wrote a script to backup the bookmarks file on the local computer and want to do the same with the addressbook.

Thanks to both of you.

K :slight_smile: