Outlook Express:I need to report spam with a click!

Hi there…

Well, I’m totally new to Applescript as I’ve just found a need for it…

Basically, I need a script for OE on 9.2 that will:

-open source code window
-copy everything in it
-close source code window
-create a new email to “abuse@comcast.net
-create a subject line of “abuse”
-send the abuse report
-delete the offending email

I’ve been trying all morning… I’ve tried recording, which doesn’t do too much… also, I’ve tried writing the script but as I’m totally new, I can’t get any success… :frowning:

I’m being bombarded with spam at an address I need to keep… any help or suggestions for sites that explain this type of scripting is greatly appreciated. I’ve done searches here and on Google but this seems like it’s my best bet.


Hi Turner,

wow, you definitely need to trowl ScriptBuilders. Tons of stuff over there, and we just happen to have a few Spam scripts too. :wink:


As well as some great scripts that others have written - most are freeware, some shareware and commercial.

Enjoy :smiley:

Thank you!

I will be dropping by…