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I am totally new to Applescpript so here goes.
I am sending email information from Filemaker Pro to Outlook Express - email addresses, subject, body text. That is all fine, but the client wants the email addresses to not appear when sent - ie the equivalent of the ‘Don’t show addresses’ checkbox when you set up a Group in the Address Book.
Is this possible using an Applescript? The addresses will change every time - I want to keep the functionality of being able to find them in Filemaker then send a group email.
help appreciated…

Try this:

set myGroup to content of every group entry of group "The Group You Want"
make new outgoing message at the out box folder with properties {content:"blah", subject:"blah", recipient:myGroup}

I tried something like that and it didn’t work. Finally, manually created a message taking the group from the address book. Then, with the Script Editor, tried something like 'ricipient of the_message and ended out with what you see under recipient in the following script:

tell application "Outlook Express" 
 set the_content to "This is a test." 
 set mess_ref to (make new outgoing message at out box folder with properties ¬ 
  {subject:"Test", content:the_content, recipient:{address:"", display name:"Kel Group"}}) 
 --send mess_ref 
end tell 

So, that’s what the ‘display name’ thing is for!
Thanks for the input,

Fair question - my client is a theatre company sending information [only about their own shows] to people on their mailing list. Everybody on the list has responded to a mailout asking if they want to receive information.
Thanks Rob…

I don’t use OE but I still have questions which might help to provide an answer.

– How are you sending the messages from FMP to Outlook Express? Are you using FMP’s built-in email functions or AppleScript?

– When you say that you want the addresses hidden, do you mean hidden in the same manner as using the BCC field in a message?

– Do your clients enage in spamming?

I realize that all mass mailings are not spam, but I don’t ever want to help a spammer if I can help it, unless I’m helping them find a very high cliff to jump from. :stuck_out_tongue:
Rob J

Also, If yuo’re talking about changing the check box in OE this works:
tell application “Outlook Express”
set show only name in messages of group “Kel Group” to true end tell
where you should change the name of the group. Now if I can just figure out how to add the group as the address to the message. Been trying for hours.
Good Luck to you all and me, Kel.