Outlook freeze, crash, spinning wheel and memory problem and slowness

Hi everibody,

Before I decided to write this email, me and my friends performed two days
of intensive test with both Entourage 12.2.9 and Outlook 2011 version 14.1.0

The scenario is the following:

Exchange Account with one folder with some thousands of messages inside.
In our test we used an Inbox folder in two different Exchange Accounts
with 5000 and 11,000 messages.

Using Entourage we can successfully run both script below, getting results
in “some” seconds.

Using Outlook with script 1 it take “forever”. The real mem in Activity
Monitor continue to grow and during our test goes over 2 GB.
90% of times it go in crash.
Using the script 2, Outlook become non responsive. Spinning wheel.
Entourage, even when the script runs, is usable.

Somebody can replicate these BIG troubles?


Script Number 1

set referenceDate to (current date) - (86400 * 30) – 30 days from actual

with timeout of 300 seconds
tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
set folderID to id of folder “Inbox” of exchange account “XXXXX”
set messagesList to (id of messages in folder id folderID whose time sent
< referenceDate)
end tell
end timeout

Script Number 2

tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
set folderID to id of folder “Inbox” of exchange account “XXXXX”
set numMessages to count messages in folder id folderID
repeat with j from 1 to numMessages
set messageDate to time sent of message j of folder id folderID
end repeat
end tell

Seems that the source of all problems is the latest Microsoft Outlook SP1 update 14.1.0
With it script’s cannot return the results.

Without it and using Outlook 14.0.2 all works smoothly.