Outlook mail not in draft folder

Hi all, is it possible that when you create a mail with AppleScript that it is not in your draft folder, the situation now is when you display the mail and decide not to mail it bij closing the mail it is still in your draft folder in outlook.

Greetings from the Netherlands

Hi: I’m not sure I quite understand, but what I do is create a new custom “_Outbox” folder in Outlook, and when I create messages via Applescript, they get put there. Then, when I want to Send them, I simply use a looping script to repeatedly Send the first msg in the _Outbox folder until there is no first msg to Send (because they’ve all been sent).

As I recall, Entourage was different because you could create a msg in the Drafts folder, and then Send All Drafts, but that is no longer possible in Outlook.

Hi, sorry I not see your reply earlier. When you create a mail manual in Outlook and decide not to send it you can close the mail and click on discard changes and it is not in your draft folder. with apple script if you create a outlook mail and display it and decide not to mail it will always be in your draft folder also if you say discard changes.