Over=estimating the memory size of uploaded AS Studio apps?

Hi All,

There’s something I cannot fully comprehend and I need enlightenment. Anybody had this experience?

I just uploaded to scriptbuilders.net an AS Studio application that is a shade less than 500 KB. However, it is listed as a whopping 3+ megabytes in the script listings when logging into scriptbuilders.

Where is this extra file size coming from? And the download size is just as big and is taking an inordinate amount of time even for ADSL connection.

Would appreciate to know where the problem might lie - in the compression engine, bug in OS 10.4.9 or wherever?

Any thoughts? I hate to burden users of my program with humungous file downloads when only 1/7 of the download size (corresponding to my app) is going to be installed.


archseed :frowning:

Compression engine? Mac OS X bug? You’re jumping way into the jungle.

First, point us to the download link. That’s where we need to start. I mean, how are we to solve a problem we can’t examine?

Ok, Mikey-san. Sorry, I might have driven the cart before the horse.

Here’s the download link: http://scriptbuilders.net/files/itunesmanager2.2.html

Is this what you want? The size of the program, when I check the info, is only 488KB but you can see it is listed in scriptbuilders as 3.3meg. Where is the overhead coming from?

The only other item there is the ReadMe file. Hey, that might be where the problem is. That document has pictures in it. It could just be the culprit. Hmm.

Ok, will check carefully and make amends somewhere.


archseed :slight_smile:

Your RTF is indeed the source of the file size, due to the pictures embedded in it.

Using better disk image compression will shrink it further. I used zlib level 9 and shaved 400 KB off of the image, for example.

Thanks Mikey-San. I have revised the upload and it went back to the original file size level I was more used to.

I will take a look at the zlib compression. It looks promising from what you mentioned.

archseed :slight_smile:

Start here:

$ man hdiutil

Example usage, creating a disk image out of a folder:

$ hdiutil create -format UDZO -imagekey zlib-level=9 -srcfolder '/path/to/folder' '/path/to/disk_image.dmg'

I’ve got a huge Studio app that does all sorts of disk image sorcery. One day, I’ll have to clean up some stuff and release it.

Thanks, Mikey-san,

I was just about to post a query to you (on this thread) how to use the zlib. On googling it, I found all sorts of reference to it but no download. On one site, I finally found some info that it is already built-in on OS X. When I used Spotlight to look for zlib, I found nothing that I could double-click to open or something of that sort.

Your latest post was what I need.

Thanks a lot!

archseed :slight_smile:

Hi Mikey-san,

Before you can say 1-2-3, I am quickly back to ask a real question.

The $ prefix smacks of Unix ‘goobledeegook’ to me of which I have very scant knowledge. I did enter $ man hdiutil in the Terminal which gave me all there is to know about ‘hdiutil’ and which explained the basics of the commands code for the ‘Example usage, creating a disk image out of a folder’ that you shared.

I assumed, for lack of knowledge how to use it, that I should go back to the Terminal and enter the code you gave but I got nothing (I actually expected it since I was not giving any path to file info). Is it possible to put your code in a ‘do shell’ script and provide the required thru AppleScript? Or is there a quicker way?

Sorry, I need further help on this.


archseed :slight_smile:

Even if I gave you AppleScript stuff, you’d still have to understand how the command is used. Feed it the path of the folder you want to create a disk image from, and then where you want it to write the resulting disk image. Those are the quoted arguments.

It would be helpful if you asked what parts of the command you were stuck on.


Just wanted to know how the command you quoted is used. Now that you told me to feed the file path and all that, I think I should be able to figure it out. I am a newbie who likes to explore so allow me to get my hands dirtied, so to speak. If I run into further problem, I will let you know.

Your help is truly much appreciated.

archseed :slight_smile: