Override Page Items in Spread

Hi I would like to know if there is a command to override pages items of 2 pages in InDesign (left and right facing pages) in one step.
For single page I use the command:

override (every item of master page items of page myPage) destination page page myPage

For both pages of spread the only solution I found is to iterate between the two pages:

repeat with np from 0 to 1
override (every item of master page items of page (myPage-np)) destination page page (myPage-np)
end repeat

I would like if is possible to create a new page or spread with all pages items overridden but I don’t know if this is possible at the moment of creation of a new page with the command make new page…

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Stefano - Ame

Hi. All master objects are ultimately page items. Logically, you have to script that command by page, as you are doing. Exceptions to what is overridden also can’t be specified at page creation time. If you want to override everything by default, the master might not be a great choice as a home. You can always directly create objects with properties in the active document. Perhaps a combination of layers and locked objects would work better for your purpose.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the reply.
I need to work with master pages because I have a lot of predefined templates full of objects with labels.
So when I create a page I create it based on particular Master Page, then I unlock all page items and fill them with data (text, images) that I read from a pList.
I cannot generate dynamically text of picture frame.

Stefano - Ame