Pages 5.0 Has Very Limited AppleScript Dictionary

The new version of Pages (5.0) has an extremely limited dictionary of commands. Missing are things like the text suite which allowed access to paragraphs, characters, text, words and their properties. The new dictionary looks rather useless. I hope this is simply a bug/oversight on Apple’s part and not a new trend. Does anyone else see this or something different?

OS 10.9
Pages 5.0

What you see is what there is; the situation with Numbers is worse. and start yelling…

FYI - Pages 5.2 appears to have added significant improvements to Applescript with Pages. However, it still does not appear to have added everything it took away.


I used to like Appleworks where everything was integrated into one app. They should get one person controlling the whole thing. I didn’t like when they split it up into different apps.