Pages: Modifying chart properties such as label format to number

I’ve found that when creating a new chart in pages, it’s possible to modify all of the attributes reasonably easily as per the below example

				add chart row names chartRows column names chartColumns data chartData type "pie_2d"
				set vertical position of chart 3 to 10.5
				set horizontal position of chart 3 to 14
				set height of chart 3 to 4
				set width of chart 3 to 4
				set wrap of chart 3 to largest
				set shadow of chart 3 to true

However, there are other attributes which, as far as I can conclude, can only be done via GUI scripting. Values such as settings the label format of a pie chart from percentage to number, or the individual slice colors.

Can anyone suggest any other method of achieving this other than GUI scripting ?


I ignore everything in this language but from time to time I see java code driving application features which can’t be triggered by vanilla AppleScript.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 4 février 2013 15:29:27