Panel ended doesn't work for non-Apple panels?

I’ve run up against something and wanted to check with others. I created a panel of my own and implemented it and it works, except that the panel ended handler isn’t being called, even though I’ve checked “panel ended” in Interface Builder.

Has anyone else run into this?

I’ve managed to work around it, by putting the code that was in the panel ended handler before the close panel command, so this isn’t an issue where I need help making the application work, it’s just weird that this doesn’t seem to work.

Hi :slight_smile:

Sorry Kevin, I do not understand very well.

How did you make to create a non-Apple panel? Without Interface Builder?

No, I used IB, I just mean one that was user created, not open panel or save panel or display dialog. Those panels seem to call the panel ended handler, but I have marked my panel as using panel ended and the handler is never called when the panel is closed.

I traced the program execution in the debugger and marked breakpoints at the entry to the panel ended handler and it was never called. I just wondered if a) other people have notice that and b) if it works in Tiger?

Hi :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand now, thank you for the details.

Naive question, are you sure to have really activated, in IB, the handler “panel ended” on each window receiving the attached windows panel?

This must be done on each window concerned.

I imagine that you already thought of that, but if I announce it anyway, it is that I had precisely a similar problem to your, and I had quite simply forgotten to activate the handler of certain windows.

In any case, I confirm that under Tiger the “panel ended” handler works very well.