Panic and confusion, please help

I had a perfectly working app in ASS, but for some reason it seems completely corrupted. All scripts, nibs, plists, etc seem ok, but I get error warnings that my variables are not defined (error -2753) and this is driving me nuts…

Any ideas as what to do???

I narrowed the problem down a bit:

at this point:
set MyAirportSSID to contents of default entry “MyAirportSSID”

it seems to be breaking down. It seems that I may have a corrupted user default array or something…

Moved to AppleScript Studio.

I copied and pasted all into a new project and it works fine now. But does anyone have any clue as to what possibly happened? I’d like to know in order to prevent this from happening again.

Hi Stadsman

I have no idea as to what could have happened, but as a suggestion to help if corruption, happens, I do backups of all of my projects, (each time I make a change) whether it be to a disk or another hard drive, zip file or what ever, I will always have a back up to copy and use, also different versions to roll back to.