Panther: AppleScript in Java

Hi All,
I just updated to Panther and now I have the problem, that the AppleScripts I execute from Java take one minute to run. Before, it took not even a second.
Scripts like “get ‘hello’” will execute very fast, but if I have to add an “tell application …” statement, it takes minutes until the result is returned.
Does anyone have an idea, what the problem is?

I am using the way to execute AppleScripts in Java like it is explained here:


I’m having the same problem. I posted another message about it but I got no replies. The one difference is that my script is waiting two minutes, not one.

I’m pretty sure the response time you’re seeing has to do with the timeout value. Try wrapping your script in “with timeout of 10 seconds … end”. You should see a change in the timing. I’ve posted a bug report via the apple web site, but who knows if anyone will look at it.

The macdevcenter article you referenced has messages posted at the end of it that mention this problem. If I remember correctly, someone there says it worked fine for them, so it may be related to a specific configuration.

One more interesting note: The very first time I run the script after restarting the machine it appears to run in a normal amount of time. After that it always waits for 2* timeout time to finish.