Panther VS Tiger

this section of code works just fine in Panther, but does not in Tiger…

	else if name of theObject is "Minimize" then
		close window "MainWindow"
		show window "MiniWindow"
	else if name of theObject is "Maximize" then
		close window "MiniWindow"
		show window "MainWindow"
	end if

is there another way to open and close windows?

If there is a problem with this it should be reported to apple, or should be noted in documentmentation that came with Tiger… I suggest triple checking nib/script spelling, and that the windows/theObject are really what you think they are by adding log statements in your script… Also it appears you’ve cut off the head of the if statement. By this I mean the first statment should be just “if” not “else if”… Any other specific info wrt Tiger I suggest you look up the bundled docs for change notes, or send a bug report to apple directly as even if someone knows the name of a new interface in Tiger, they are under a NDA to not share it publicly (like on an internet BBS).

Yeah, i double and triple checked everything. it is the same NIB and script that I use in Panther for my tests with Tiger. I intentionally cut the top part off of my IF statement, the rest works fine. I did go in and did some logging tests, and it when the script gets to show “window” the program crashes in Tiger. I’ll check my tiger docs to see if there is anything in there about it. Also, a new seed was just released, so i’ll see if the problem might be fixed in that update.

still no go on "show window “windowname”

but i did get my application to work with using the visible function.
set visible of window “windowname” to false or true depending on the case. works fine.