parse FCP xml taking forever!

I am trying to parse an xml using routines/tool
Its form FCP.
Its 11mb and it taking forever to parse.

Does anyone have experience with this?

should I be doing it differently?

here is the first part of my script. Its been running for 1.5 hours and still going!

set Master_xml to "Macintosh HD:Users:sheba:Desktop:in sheba:test copy.xml" as alias
set sequence to getAnElement(parse XML Master_xml, "sequence")

This isn’t an answer, so much as an option. I’m parsing FCP XML using the XMLLib osax from Smile with great success.

I was just about to head off and learn Ruby but I will check this out first.

if you do a search for my name you’ll see some posts I’ve made using the XMLLib. Just for reference for you…

awesome, thanks, you rock.
I can already see its way faster. still getting my head around it but getting close.