Pass parameters to selector

I have 2 tables and I want to execute a piece of code when a user double-clicks a row in these tables.
I have declared the following in my awakeFromNib function.

aTable1's setDoubleAction_("table1DoubleClicked")
aTable2's setDoubleAction_("table2DoubleClicked")

Both these selectors have same piece of code. Is it possible to pass same selector as argument to the setDoubleAction_ method, but with a parameter ?

I thought the following would work, but it doesn’t.

aTable1's setDoubleAction_("tableDoubleClicked(1)")
aTable2's setDoubleAction_("tableDoubleClicked(2)")

Is there a way to make this work?

If both selectors have the same code, then why not just connect both table’s double action to one selector? Why do you want to pass a parameter?

If you need to know which table was clicked, you can do it by checking the sender parameter in your selector, like this:

        theTable's setDoubleAction_("aTableDoubleClicked:") -- Notice the colon at the end of the name
        theTable2's setDoubleAction_("aTableDoubleClicked:")

    on aTableDoubleClicked_(sender)
          if sender is theTable then 
              log "Table 1 Sent This"
            else if sender is theTable2 then
              log "Table 2 sent this"
            end if