Passing an Applescript variable value to a FileMaker variable - Help!


I have written a FileMaker script that contains an Applescript as one of the steps. This Applescript has a value in one of it’s variables that I need to pass off to one of my FileMaker script variables. I cannot seem to find a way to pass this value directly. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If this is not possible I can always write the whole thing in Applescript.

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I took a quick look I didn’t see any direct way to do what you are requesting however you could create a globe field that you can set via the apple script and have your script variable pick that up ? I’m not sure what your trying to accomplish but I hope this helps:)


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That will work!

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I’m betting there’s a way to tdo this with FileMaker’s new “Let” functionality or the use of Custom Functions, but I’m still wrapping my head around those features, and I’d need a specific example of what you’re up to.

I checked with some folks on a FileMaker list and they said the only way is as mentioned… to set a field from within your script.

Thanks for all the information!

Being one of the people who said this could not be done, it was pointed out to me that it could be done.
By putting the Variable, in global syntax, ie., $$name, within a FileMaker calculation:

Evaluate ( Quote ( $$name ))

You can then access it like any other field (with the same rules and limitations; except you can’t “set” it with AppleScript.
But, of course you’ll question, “Why is that any better than using a global field?”
IMHO, it’s not :expressionless: