passing data from a form to photoshop (.acgi)

Hi folks,
im desperate…

Ive been spending the last 2 days searching for information on how to process formdata through an .acgi (running acgi dispatcher) on to applications. I just cant get my script to recognize any formdata !!!

I just need to do the following:
have a simple form that sends a few variables to the .acgi and then pasees them to e.g. photoshop to create a new image based on inserted parameters.

I have NO problem with controlling photoshop via AS - all that i need is information on how to properly recognize the vars send by the form.

Ive tried both:
on «event WWWWsdoc» path_args ¬
on handle CGI request pathArgs searching for searchArgs ¬

all i try - it will just return “error getting the data” when i call the script through the form.

If anyone of you could give ma a hint or a link to a well written resource that will help understand what my fault could bit, it´ll be fantastic.

thank you so much !


PS: i HAVE to use “POST” → NOT “GET” in the form.