Passing Data from one script to another?

Been trying to get the following to work:
1st script saved as an application:

on run {var, var2}
display dialog var & var2 end run
When I run the next script from the script editor:
run script "Mac OS X:Users:cpalma:Desktop:test" given paramenters:{"Hello", "World"}
run application "Mac OS X:Users:cpalma:Desktop:test" given paramenters:{"Hello", "World"}

they both fail… any thoughts? or suggestions…

tell application "Mac OS X:Users:cpalma:Desktop:test"
    ignoring application responses
        run("Hello", "World")
    end ignoring
end tell

You could eliminate the “ignoring” if your called script returns a value

Thanks, I tried the above code, but now it gave this Error:
(“Hello”,“World”) doesn’t understand the run message

It does not return a value…


I have had the same problem in the past. I found that depending on the version of the OS, or probably the version AppleScript, that you had to code it differently. Below is a snippet of code for you to look at. OSVer has been set previously to the version of the Operating System.

if OSver < 9 then --use codes that work with system versions less than 9
tell application AppToUse
set {SpecList, GenSpec, ErrorList} to (run {PBarPage, SpecList, GenSpec})
end tell --application
else --use codes that work with system 9
set {SpecList, GenSpec, ErrorList} to run script AppToUse with parameters {PBarPage, SpecList, GenSpec}
end if

I finally got it to work using this code:
tell application “Mac OS X:Users:cpalma:Desktop:test” launch run script with parameters {“Hello”, “World”} end tell