Passing Keystrokes to Filemaker Custom Menu Item Keystroke Setting

I’m running some automated software that sets up the custom menus in a filemaker database. Now when I get to setting the keystroke for each menu item, this gets run:

tell application "System Events"
	set process "FileMaker Pro Advanced"'s frontmost to true
	key code 123 using {command down, shift down} --⌘⇧ left arrow
end tell

Ok the code compiles fine and all the steps run but the 3rd line does not return a “⌘⇧ left arrow” it will only return “⌘ left arrow”. The modifiers do not seem to be passed to the Filemaker interface. If someone has some info or an answer to this problem of mine, please respond.

Thanks in Advance!


Hello Julian,

Your script works fine on my computer…

I suppose that’s probably a matter of conflict between your custom shortcut and a shortcut defined somewhere under “FileMaker Pro Advanced/Services/…”, and this one would take precedence even if not accessible (disabled).

Hello Clemhoff,

When you say the script works fine on your machine, what do you mean exactly. I ask because my problem is not so much with the code compiling and running rather its the result it gives under the FileMaker Interface. I was just wondering if you ran it on the custom menu interface in FM?



… Yes, I did ! :slight_smile:

Here are my test files…

(tested under OSX 4.11 / FM Advanced 8.5v1 & 9.0v3)


Thank you for your help! This is what I am really trying to do, is to automatically setting the keystroke shortcuts for a menu item in this dialog: 2.png