Passing the variable from one script to another.

How can i pass the value from one script to another when both of my scripts are parts of one A.S.S. project.
I thought of “Load script” command but don’t know which path to enter(
Please help!


tell application “studioApplicationName” to set theVariable to “test”

Unfortunatly i didn’t really understood what you ment.
Could you please write more on what should i tipe in each of the scripts. And please if its not hard can you explain everything:)


The code I mean you can alter and access root script objects very easy by tell application “assproject1” Then your in the root script object. You can access handlers and root variables there. So you don’t need to pass variables you can simply get and set them.

Now i have two scripts first, where i set the variable and second where i display it

First script

 tell application "tester"
	set test to "hel"
end tell


on clicked theObject
	tell application "tester"
		set displayer to test
	end tell
	display dialog displayer
end clicked

But when i ran it i A.S.S says that variable “test” is not defined.
So what is may mistake?

Thanks for spendin so much time on this topic:)


first script (named helperScript and save as stay open script)

property textToDisplay : missing value

setTextToDisplay("Hello World")

on getTextToDisplay()
	return textToDisplay
end getTextToDisplay

on setTextToDisplay(__string)
	set textToDisplay to __string
end setTextToDisplay

second script

tell application "helperScript" to set myVar to getTextToDisplay()

display dialog myVar

Done everything you shoved just changed the name of the app but it says that myVar is no defined((((

Might be you could try to sent me a working project to
That would be great!