passing variable(s) from local script to remote script

Apologies if this has been addressed. If so, please reply with appropriate links. I’ve searched high and low for an answer to my problem but have not found a suitable one yet.

The quick and dirty:
I need to pass off a folder path from a local workstation script to a server-side script to deal with permissions of the folder (and any subfolders). Permissions need to be addressed server-side because local scripts can’t handle applying permissions to network shares. Cannot use ssh because the local script could be run on various workstations and setting up keys would be a pain.

Fascinating details:
I’ve got the script bits I need to…

  • ask for a parent folder (local)
  • ask for a job folder name (local)
  • create job folder in the parent folder (local or remote)
  • create necessary subfolders (local or remote)
  • apply permissions as needed (remote)

Basically, I’ve got two scripts ready but can’t get them to “talk” to each other. Remote Events are enabled on the server with a special user account. I can get a local script to do something meaningless on the server with the Finder, like so:

set remoteMachine to "eppc://"

using terms from application "Finder"
	tell application "Finder" of machine remoteMachine
		(* do something pointless *)
	end tell
end using terms from

But no matter what I try, I can’t launch the script on the server and I don’t know how to pass a variable (folder path) to the remote script.
Any leads are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

AppleScript: 2.0.1
Browser: Safari 525.27.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)


Did you did get it finally to work?