passing variables and most used

Q1:One of Automator’s smart folders filters žmost used" items.
I’m curious if something similar is realizable for finder smart folders too -and i’m not talking about last modified/opened files-

Q2:i want to send some text-input from a script to another script (but nothing happens)

property the_pt : ((path to scripts folder from user domain) & žBuy.scpt" as text)

using terms from application "Quicksilver"
	on process text parameters
		activate me
		run script the_pt(parameters)
	end process text
end using terms from

–target script

on run (parameters)
	if parameters is not missing value then set p2 to parameters
	tell application "iCal"
	end tell
end run

it should be:

run script scriptName with parameters myParameters

Hi DJ Bazzie Wazzie,
i like your coding!

concerning Q1: i want to create a finder smart folder which lists the most used items of a certain folder. I’m unsure if this is possible.

Sorry, I overlooked your 1st question.

Well “most used” is something build in automator application just like network in your navigation column in the Finder (if you’re using a lot of servers like I do). Well I can’t find anything to make a smart folder with ‘popular’ files so I think you can say it is not possible to make it in Applescript then. The closest you can get is making a smart folder that lists all files that you’ve opened the last few days.

Well I’ve never tried to make a smart folder by scripting the finder but a smart folder is a plist file with the extension savedSearch. the finder will recognise this as a smart folder so you could make a smart folder by hand and say it’s for the admin user only. After you have saved the smart folder with the right settings you open the smart folder with text edit. In the file you find almost at the top searchScopes, this contains an array of folders to watch for so you can have a smart folder for multiple folders. You need also to change at the bottom of your file FXScopeArrayOfPaths’s array as well.

What I’ve done here by hand is also possible to do by script. Because I can’t find a way to make a ‘most used’ smart folder in the Finder by hand, I can’t give you any example code.

well, i feared that a smart folder “most used” isn’t doable. Maybe with some creative trick-but it isn’t worth the work, i think. Anyway.
Concerning smart folders in general: yeah, it is possible to script these. Results are nice. If you’re interested.