Pasting in display dialog


Whenever i try to paste a path (as text) that contains special characters it replaces them with their codes (@ becomes %40) and than only pastes what comes after that code.


somehow becomes:


I know it isn’t an AS problem but it happens in a AS i made. And whats even weirder is that it only happens when i copy the URL from the application Forklift (which doesn’t do this when i paste in text edit)

Do you know why this happens and a way to fix it?

thank you!

Hi again,

URLs should be encoded when they’re send over network because of the 7-bits ascii limititations. The ampersand (like plus sign) should be encoded because they have special meanings like for GET data in HTTP. What forklift does is sending an URL back that is encoded and you have to decode it by hand. Look at my post here that can decode and encode URLs for you.

I see that this would work, the only things is that this happens when i paste, the program will only read a few characters of the whole URL.