Path Control

How can I set the path control to change to a parent folder when clicked or double clicked like in Finder? clickedPathComponentCell() only gets the folder name not the whole path and it has information about the size so

obj's setURL_(obj's clickedPathComponentCell())

on its clicking action doesn’t work at all,

obj's setPathComponentCells_(obj's clickedPathComponentCell())

just sets it to a single cell.

The clickedPathComponentCell method returns an NSPathComponentCell, and that has a URL method. So you probably want something like:

set theURL to theObj's clickedPathComponentCell()'s |URL|()
theObj's setURL_(theURL)

Thank you! How can I convert a ‘URL’ to an alias?

Have a look in the topic “PathControl challenges”.

Where? I can’t find anything with that title here or in the documentation.

Oh got it, thanks :slight_smile: