path to preferences as string command

I’m using this command in OS X. I’d like to know if it’s supported in OS 8/9 also but I don’t have any way to test that. Could one of you kind folks let me know? TIA!

I do not believe it is supported, but I’m not sure. However, if you are using Script Editor <2.0 you should be able to save it as a Classic application by checking the box “Require the Classic Environment” in the bottom of the save dialog.

Yes. It’s supported in both OS 8 and OS 9 and returns the path to the Preferences folder inside the System Folder. In the form ‘path to preferences as string’, the ‘as string’ is a parameter or the command. This returns the string directly and works slightly faster than ‘(path to preferences) as string’, where the command returns an alias which is then coerced to string by the AppleScript language.