PDF Imposition

Hi There
I’m trying to find a way to take a number of single page PDF’s and combine them into one large page. The individual pages need to be arranged according to original filename on a grid within the single layout and then saved as one single-page PDF.
I’m happy with the Applescripting side of things - just need to know if anyone’s tried doing this before and what they found was the best application to script. Maybe Acrobat can do it, but a faceless UNIX application would be better if anyone knows of one.

You should be able to do it with cat

cat foo1.pdf foo2.pdf > merg.pdf

But I have never got it to work ??

There seems to be a page length constraint in the portable document format – I’ve never succeeded in creating one that was longer than a standard printed page.

Depending on your particular situation:

1)You may just want to print to a new PDF using the page layout options. I think this may be good up to 16 pages, but it gives you no control.

  1. What we use in a production environment is to use Quark (transitioning to InDesign) as an intermediary and layout the pages then write a new PDF from the layout file. We found this preserves particular characteristics for printing that using a command line tool doesn’t. It’s not as quick as some other methods, but it works well and is consistent.