PDF Keywords to Hazel to Evernote Tags

Disclaimer: I’m a beginner with applescript

I have a workflow where I scan paper documents, receipts and the like with my fujitsu snap scan. It gets OCRed and sent to a folder. Hazel renames it based on certain words I tell hazel to look for in the content of the pdf text. Then It gets sent to evernote with tags with this applescript. (This applescript is from a hazel rule I use to scan home depot receipts)

tell application "Evernote"
	create note from file theFile tags {"Home Improvement", "House", "Receipt", "Home Depot"}
end tell

My snap scan does on other neat thing that I would like to add to this workflow. If you highlight words with a standerd highlighter it will add those words to the pdf keywords. I would like to add the pdf keywords to the area where I put my evernote tags so that they show up as tags in evernote.

I’ve made attempts with both automator and applescript but with no luck. Automator lets me extract the keywords but fails to put commas between them so they get added as one big tag in evernote. With applescript, I’ve found on this forum people extracting the pdf metadata and adding it to text files, but it is far too advanced for me to make any progress in adapting it to my needs.

Notes on using applescript with hazel, the file being processed by hazel to be used in the script must be referred to as theFile.

Any help would be appreciated.