PDF Workflow feature in 10.2.4


This looks like a very cool feature. Anyone know if the scripts are real or made up as examples? Know where to get them if real?


They appear to be made up. I had to add one of the folders mentioned in the article to even see the PDF button in the print dialog. I hope we start to see ScriptBuilder submissions that take advantage of this cool new feature. :slight_smile:

This seems to be a feature to add extra pdf selection capabilities to redirect any printed file, only after the printer is selected, it does not seem to address the need for scriptability of the printing function to print via pdf.

What I want to do is have a script in FMpro, that takes an invoice print and attaches it to a mail document and sends that to a customer via email. This was possible in OS9 using Printtopdf a psuedo print driver.

I can see how to script the selection of the print to pdf function found in the OSX printer dialog.

I can do this with pagesender but would love to do it without having to use pagesender

Any ideas?