PDFView transparency or layering question?

Is it possible to set a alpha value for a PDFView using applescript? Basically I’m trying (or thinking of trying) to set to a PDFView on top of another PDFView and then toggle the top PDFView on and off.
Would it be possible to switch the layering of the PDFViews with applescript?

If that’s not possible I guess I might try two windows and then set the alpha value of the top window, if that’s possible.

Another related question:
I’d like to build this as a fullscreen app, and noticed that when I make a window go fullscreen the
“set alpha value of window “main”…” doesn’t work, like it does when the window isn’t fullscreen. Is that
a bug?

Any help appreciated,

Model: Intel Dual Core
AppleScript: XCode3
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)