Perform Applescript on server

Good morning everywhere

I am not new to scripting in FileMaker, but a novice when it comes to AppleScript.
I got lost after my first steps.

How to set an Applescript to perform tasks on the host computer (instead on the computer where the script is triggered).

In my case:
I want to perform a script from a FM11 application.
The file is hosted in a local network on OSX Snow Leopard Server.
When Filemaker is Remotely Opened the script runs:

tell application “Name”
end tell
the script activates the application on the user computer…

How to do this on the server?



If you are using Filemaker server, it does not interact with the actual database the same way a client computer does. There is no “database opening” in that sense. You can’t run scripts “on” the FM server.