Perl - Reduce calls


Could someone guide me on how to reduce these abusive calls to PERL…or better, put them all in one call ?!
The aim of the operation is to remove the unnecessary html code (javascripts and so on…) and alleviate the data to be processed.

set htm to (do shell script "curl -s 'http://www.myveryprivateurl_sorry/id/[25-245]'" & ¬
	" | perl -ne 'print if ( m /<head>/s...m /<!--\\[RIGHT BODY\\] -->/s)'" & ¬
	" | perl -ne 'print unless ( m /<script/s...m /<\\/script>/s )'" & ¬
	" | perl -ne 'print unless ( m /<!-- \\[TOP\\] -->/s...m /<!-- \\[\\/TOP\\] -->/s)'" & ¬
	" | perl -pe 's/^\\s*//g; s/ //g; \\r//g'")

-- etc. 

Here is one way to combine all those perl invocations into a single Perl program:

set perlCode to "if ( m /<head>/s...m /<!--\\[RIGHT BODY\\] -->/s) {
	next if ( m /<script/s...m /<\\/script>/s );
	next if ( m /<!-- \\[TOP\\] -->/s...m /<!-- \\[\\/TOP\\] -->/s);
	s/ //g;

set htm to (do shell script "curl -s 'http://www.myveryprivateurl_sorry/id/[25-245]'" & ¬
	" | perl -ne " & quoted form of perlCode)

-- etc. 

The last substitution command was garbled in the original post, so you might need to adjust it slightly.


Thank you very much for your reply and for your help.
Being in a hurry,I finally ended by using a SED script with which I am more familiar…

But promised, as soon as I have a lot of free time I spend on reading the the scary “Camel Book”